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Southern New Hampshire University Tesla Motors: Argentina Zachary Butler Deepa Kc Mark Yorgey Jacquelyn Dupree Ryan Smith INT-610-X2865 Multinational Corporate Environment Dr. Pesakovic 03/24/2014 Argentina is a presidential democracy (Argentina country brief, 2013). The President is the head of state and the government. The Congress is bicameral President is the head of state and government and the Congress is bicameral. A bicameral National Congress consists of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies. The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires and consists of Federation of 23 provinces and self-governed capital. A Civil law system based on West European legal systems. (The world factbook, 2014) Also the economy is based on an abundance of natural resources, highly literate population and export-oriented agricultural sector (Argentina country brief ,2013) Soybeans are the main commodity of export and a few of the main imports include machinery, motor vehicles, petroleum and natural gas, organic chemicals, plastics (The world factbook, 2014) Next, a failure of the financial system and the fall of the government in December 2001 due to outstanding debts proved to very detrimental to the country. As a result, President Duhalde devalued the peso by ending the one-to-one peg to the US dollar that lead to hyperinflation. Unemployment rose to 20% while government salaries were reduced by 13% ("Argentina - economic,") President Kirchner made progress stabilizing inflation and maintaining the primary surplus in 2003 (Argentina - economic,)These policies helped lay the foundation for growth, falling unemployment and poverty reduction. Nearly all of the defaulted debt was renegotiated or paid off to the supervision of international lending organizations (Warren, 2013) Government spending and inflation are on the rise in 2013 under President

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