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------------------------------------------------- Tesco’s Background Tesco started in 1919 when Jack Cohen, founder of Tesco’s, started selling left over groceries at a stall in the East End of London. The Tesco brand then was made 5 years later in 1924 when Cohen bought a shipment of tea from Mr T. E Stockwell the initials of both of their names were combined to form Tes-co. This lead to Cohen in 1929 opening the first Tesco store based in Burnt Oak, North London. Tesco continued to gradually rise, in the 1930’s Cohen built a headquarters and a warehouse in North London along with his first store. Furthermore in 1932 Tesco then became a public limited company. This meant that it can be either unlisted or listed company on the stock exchanges. Tesco’s then expanded largely by purchasing its rivals shops. Between 1950 and 1960 Cohen bought 367 other stores in total. In the 1970’s Tesco then opened its first petrol store and would then become the UK’s largest independent petrol retailer. In 1994, Tesco’s fought Sainsbury’s over a firm based in Dundee which operated 57 stores. This made it possible for Tesco’s to expand its stores into Scotland causing its value to rise larger. In 1997 Tesco’s then expanded into Ireland. In 1995 Tesco created on online shopping website, which added great profitability to the company. Tesco now offer insurance for cars and houses it has its own mobile network; Tesco Mobile, it has 6 different types of stores: Tesco Extra, Tesco Metro, Tesco Express, Tesco Homeplus and One Stop. This information was found from the http://www.telegraph.co.uk & http://www.thefactsite.com These are the different Tesco’s which provide services to each of these countries. Tesco has a wide range of products and services, which differ from banking to garden appliances. This is why Tesco differs alot compared to other supermarkets.
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