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Tesco is Britain’s leading food retailer and the third largest in the world. Its first store was opened in 1929 in London and by the early 1960s Tesco was a familiar feature of most UK high streets. After joining the eighties trend for large out-of-town supermarkets, in the 1990s the company started pioneering many new innovations. It developed new stores concept such as tesco metro, a city centre store meeting the needs of local shoppers, and tesco express, the first Uk petrol station convenience store. In 1995 the company introduced its club card, the UK’s first customer loyalty card, and 2 years later formed a joint venture with the royal bank of Scotland to offer a range of financial services. 2000 marked the start of tesco.com which was built on tnhe back of existing stores and, with low capital spend, was profitable from the start-a key internal requirement. Tesco’s international performance started in 1994, has steadily expanded and now accounts for half of its total retail space. Since 2000, there has also been increased focus on building non-food sales both in store and online, with the result that tesco is now the largest CD retailer. Tesco focuses on product and innovation to satisfy customers and its business. Tesco aims to improve service and provide better value rather than concentrate on pricing alone. These principles are carried across the business into non-food, service and international operations. To enable this, the company focus on harnessing the creativity of its workforce and encourages staff to come forward with ideas. The use of well-targeted pwn-label brands including the up-market ‘finest’ and low price ‘value’ labels is the key to Tesco growth. Its club card, the most successful loyalty card in the sector, provides Tesco with a class-leading ability to spot emerging trends, attract customers and influence the behaviour of secondary

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