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The exam requirements - There is one question. It will be based on one named extract or article from the non-fiction prose section of the Edexcel Anthology. - The question usually asks you to ‘discuss’ or ‘comment’ on key aspects of the text. - This question is worth 10% of your total mark for GCSE English. - You must answer the question in 40 minutes. Understanding form, purpose and audience The non-fiction you are studying in the Anthology divides into two types: - Literary non-fiction such as travel writing and autobiography, in which the writers describe real-life experiences. Their purposes include to inform, to entertain and to reflect on experience. - Newspaper articles that focus on particular themes. They contain individual opinions and ideas and often some personal experience. Their main purposes are to argue and inform. To comment effectively on the effect of literary and structural features, it helps to understand who it is being written for (the audience) and why it is being written (the purpose or aim). What should I write about? You will gain marks in the non-fiction prose question by commenting on what the writers say and how they say it. No marks are given for commenting on the way the non-fiction piece is visually laid out on the page, so don’t waste time writing about what it ‘looks like’. Weak answers spend a lot of time describing what happens in a text. Simply describing does not show your understanding. To show your understanding, you need to focus more on commenting on the

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