Terry V. Ohio: US Supreme Court Landmark Case

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Terry v. Ohio How and Why This Case Became a U.S. Supreme Court Landmark Case While on a routine patrol, Cleveland Police Detective McFadden noticed two men behaving in a strange and peculiar manner. He noticed that they (Terry and Chilton) were taking turns walking in front of the same store window, pausing for a few moments each time they passed in front of the store, staring into the store, and then returning back to the other man who was waiting on a nearby corner. After each would return to the corner, they would converse with the other for a few moments and the next man would walk back in front of the store again. This went on about a dozen times each man. A third man, Katz, joined Terry and Chilton briefly then proceeded to walk down the street away from the corner. After about 12 trips of this same routine in front of the store, Terry and Chilton walked away down the street towards the way Katz had gone.…show more content…
McFadden decided that he would confront Terry and Chilton. The officer approached the men, who by that time had rejoined with Katz a few blocks away from the store they had been watching. McFadden then identified himself as a police officer, and asked them their names. The men avoided McFadden’s questioning, and he could not make out their responses to his questioning of their names. McFadden then turned Terry around and patted down his outside clothing. In Terry’s overcoat pocket, McFadden found but could not remove a gun. The officer then ordered the men into a nearby store and told them to spread out against the wall where he proceeded to remove Terry’s overcoat and pulled out a

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