Terry Burke Biography

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This autobiography your about to read might be the greatest untold story you will ever read probably not but there is a chance. I was born February 20th 1989 at Tampa General Hospital. My father Robert W Burke favorite saying since that day has been “he would have left me their but the hospital threaten to sue”. Robert or as I commonly refer to him as dad is currently a salesman, though a lot of people know him from his wrestling days as Eric the Red. My mother Terry J Burke is a new born intensive care (NICU) nurse, she basically takes care of children who have birth defects or are born premature. Now let’s get back to the star of the stories my school days started in Starkey elementary where I lasted all the way to the second grade before my parents and I decided that I should home school. Now before you say anything I went into the real home schooling not the religious nut home schooling that has five hours of bible study than an hour of math…show more content…
Though my dream was to become a WWE wrestler me and my friend use to make our own wrestling ring in the back yard and we would do our own matches. Webber actually found me I was playing Basketball at a camp the coaches liked what they saw and offered me a scholarship. I decided that Webber was a good fit for me at this time; the NBA weren’t returning my calls. I’ve decided that I will take hospitality as my major something about being able to run a casino on the Las Vegas strip or just sounds like my kind of work. I think the only thing that keeps me from being the best student is that my typing is not great though I’ve increased it from 19 to 30 words per minute. Though overall I think I’m simply lazy if there is an easy way to do something I’ll find it. The class I seem to do the best in is bus 111-5 and English I’m pretty good at writing
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