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Victims’ Rights and Vengeance Terry Smith CJS/211 3/18/15 Theresa Fox The current state of victims' rights has made significant changes with giving the victims more rights and focusing on their needs. The 2004 Crime Victims' Rights Acts has been successful mostly because it supports the victims and respect their rights. It gives them a voice to speak what's on their mind and not to be forgotten. If someone has to break the law to save someone live then it would be worth the risk because that could be their family in danger. There are cops that break the law just because they have police powers, and they abuse their authority. The survivor's network is an excellent way to protect children from sex offenders, and on the news there have been priests molesting children. The current victims' rights are the criminal justice system that is focused on the relationship between the state and the defendant. The Victims' Bill of Rights Act of 2008 has been changing allowing them more rights in court and the attorney fights for the client case (Boland & Butler, 2009, pg. 5). The current state of victims' rights has made dramatic improvements that focus on the needs of the victims making them important. The victims' rights are not just for those who have the knowledge or a just for an individual ethnic race group. These rights have been established to protect and support any victims' in need and to make sure they are heard not ignored. Above the bill of rights, it is to ensure that the victims' rights will not be violated in the criminal justice system. People will now feel more secured for having rights in the world, and they will become more superior in their country. Women had no rights at all until the 19th amendment changed that giving them rights just like men. Attorneys have the obligation to their clients using their expertise to anyone who comes to seek

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