Terrorism Today Essay

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Terrorism Today Terrorism is not a recent phenomenon as it has occurred in almost every country throughout the world, but with the developments in the field of science and technology, terrorist organizations of today have access to weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear devices, biological weapons, poison gases and computer viruses and hence the destructions caused by terrorism is now of a larger magnitude (Carter, 1998). Terrorism has been given various definitions depending on the view point of the concerned people. While those against terrorism define it as a crime and an inexcusable action, those supporting terrorist activities see it as a justified reaction to oppression, as a holy duty and as effective tactic for the weaker side in a war. According to the US Department of Defense terrorism is defined as an unlawful action that is intended to create a sense of fear or to intimidate governments and the general public in order to attain political, religious and ideological goals (The Face of Terrorism, 2007). Today's terrorist organizations work in groups which are in turn interlinked to form a wide terrorist network. Small groups of terrorist cells which are part of a larger group are trained and sent all over the world. In some cases, different terrorist networks or organizations work together to carry out an attack. All the networks work under a leader who instructs and decides on the activities of the terrorist network (Global Terrorism, n.d). Terrorists could be non state players with a transnational support such as the Al-Qaeda, cells which have regional or international links or individual independent terrorists who are not affiliated to any organization (The Face of Terrorism, 2007). Terrorism is a premeditated act and it is carried out based on political, religious or ideological motives. In most cases political authority, which
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