Terrorism Influences War

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Terrorism Influences War – Peace at stake Muhammad Hasnain Kirmani 5011 English Composition II Lecturer :- Mr. Ayub Sheikh [pic] Terrorism Influences War – Peace at stake Warfare, destruction and mass violence are unpleasant events that have disastrous effects. Its time that we realize that terrorism is the root cause of these warlike activities. Terrorism has a great influence on wars which are mostly negative and slightly positive influences i.e. the terrorists carry out their activities with a feeling of hatred that results in wars, becomes a major cause for and effect of the war, leads to counter-terrorism and at times also end wars. Terrorism is believed to be completely separate from war and its reasons such as the availability of weapons and international conflicts between nations and political governments. But terrorism is the link between these reasons and warfare as it provides a base for it. Through this paper we would be analyzing the arguments that state that war is not influenced by terrorism and will, therefore, counter argue through valid statements and reasons. We usually use statements that contain the word ‘war’ when discussing some serious issues that concern leaders of a nation. The term war means a clash between nations that leads to mass violence. This three-letter word has enormous power and the capacity to ruin a country, a continent or even the entire mankind. This very term has been defined through several definitions to its name. The Britannica encyclopedia has defined war as “War is an actual, intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities.” Considering these, all the definitions clearly state that war is a conflict. But then the question arises as to how these wars actually come into action and why?
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