Terrorism Essay

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Since the late 1980s, considerable research has been undertaken in the United States and abroad on the security implications of environmental change. One widely discussed and studied hypothesis is that certain forms of environmental change have negative social effects which reinforce or create conditions for instability and violent conflict. Many variations of this hypothesis have been examined the past decade, brining attention to a broader range of environmentally-induced human insecurities as well as to processes of adaptation to environmental stress. The events of September 11th have given attention to one of these hypotheses- that environmental change may create conditions conducive to certain forms of terrorism. Additionally, we believe these events will have a much broader impact on the field of environmental studies. For example, we must now examine vulnerabilities to terrorism and other security threats embedded in our natural and built environments. Just as certain forms of infrastructure can be used as delivery vehicles for terror (such as the postal service and air transportation), water and agricultural systems and other natural structures may present threat opportunities that have not been assessed. We need to examine ways in which these vulnerabilities may affect urban and regional planning and development. We need to examine the extent to which disaster preparedness plans are sufficient for the possible damage that could be caused by terrorism and other transnational threats. We need to reconsider our transportation and health care systems in light of transnational threats and vulnerabilities. We need to ask whether our regulatory, monitoring and enforcement systems can provide information and support to efforts to reduce vulnerability to transnational threats. We need to ask whether our economic need for natural resources such as oil contributes to

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