Short Essay On Terraforming Mars

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Terraforming Mars The planet Mars is a lifeless, dry, cold planet with little to provide for humans. Scientists believed that Mars had life, a lush green environment, emergent with plants; a twin of Earth. With progression the planet turned into the Mars we see today, a red ball of rock. Scientists also believed there could be life on Mars in the near future. This prediction can be true if we add the essential cycles of life, the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle. Mars’ atmosphere is composed of 95.3% carbon dioxide, 2.7% nitrogen, 1.6% argon, and 0.2% oxygen. Mars has all of the elements needed to support life but lacks the amount of the key elements of life in its atmosphere (mostly oxygen and nitrogen). If any human was to visit Mars they would have to carry huge amounts of oxygen and nitrogen,…show more content…
If we terraform Mars into a living environment we will be able to live on Mars. Earth is an overcrowded planet, the population of Earth is increasing day by day; life on Mars will help the Earth to reduce the number of humans living on the planet. Terraforming Mars will be a huge project for mankind, not only will it be costly, it will take centuries for Mars to have a living environment. We need carbon and water to produce plants, human need plants if there’re to be life on Mars. Plants also need soil, in which nitrogen comes in play to supply the plants with nutrients; humans use nitrogen when breathing. With carbon, water, and light plants can go through photosynthesis and create oxygen and glucose. Humans use oxygen and glucose created by plants to survive and plants will use the carbon dioxide from the respiration from humans and animals. The Martian atmosphere is very thin causing a very cold environment, if plants did exist on Mars they would just curl up and die. The Earths atmosphere is being thickened day by day
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