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Memo: To: Richard Fiero (President) From: Emma Richardson (Executive Vice President) CC: Ed Pryor (VP Sales), Harold Whistler (VP, Design & Development), Tony Barren (Director, Production), Becky Timmons (CFO), Allen Roth (Director, Design & Development), Cory Wu (Manager, Software & Firmware Design), Alice Gorga (Manager, Hardware Design). Date: 15/03/2008 Subject: Launch of Product “Aerial” Dear Richard, The following report is based on the analysis of the current situation and of the options available regarding the Project Aerial’s strategy for design, development and marketing with the current and emerging competition. Executive Summary: TerraCog initially scrapped the concept of any product like BirdsI, however they realised after a year that the product had a great market and then they launched Project “Aerial” in July 2007. In the meanwhile they had lost substantial market share to Posthaste’s BirdsI and were desperate to hit the market with Aerial. The design and development for Aerial began in October 2007 and the plan was to launch it by the holiday season of 2008. Initially the existing handheld GPS device was to be tweaked; however it was not profitable to sell it under $475 which was $100 more than BirdsI. Also at this price cannot be reduced as it will reduce the margin and at this price company cannot expect sufficient amount of sales to recapture market due to the nature of the product. Thus company should delay the product launch by six months, which will give sufficient amount of time to extract exact requirement from the consumers, redesign the total platform including firmware, external case, internal components and TFT display and come up with and advanced and unique product. [Word Count - 182] Contents 1. Situation

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