Terra Nulluis

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Marcia Langton article on The European Construction of Wilderness describes a particular view of the Aboriginal displacement by the English and the claim that they original made to the land under Terra Nullius and the impact of native title cases like Marbo vs Queensland. The expression Terra Nulluis is a Latin word meaning “land belonging to no one person”. This was the regulation that was used to depict a land which has never been subject to the rule of any other authority especially by European Explorers when the occupied land did not live up to European Ideals, it was easier than conquering the land in question. The British used this International law to cement their claim on Australia when it settled here in the 1788.The British were able to achieve this because the native population in the Settlers eyes were less than people, they were not civilized, they had not cultivated the land or created what the British classed as settlements and they observed no real governmental…show more content…
If it continued to be owned and controlled by the government, then native title was still in effect and local laws over its use continue if Aborigines could make evident constant relationship with the land in question since 1788. If Aborigines were not able to demonstrate a constant relationship since 1788 then the ownership would belong to the government. After the court decided that Aboriginal laws had not been terminated on government land, the High Court justices took it upon themselves to decide what those Aboriginal laws were and how they will be governed. The High Court decided that traditional Aboriginal laws forbade individual ownership of the land. Consequently, if native title was recognized, Aborigines would be bound by these traditional laws, so they could not sell or make money or do anything to the land that was not
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