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Offer Acceptance Form Application No Section 1 Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms) Personal details Gender  Male  (Refer to the top left-hand corner of your offer letter) Female Family name As shown in Passport OR National Identity Card Accepting your offer: All entries must be typewritten or handwritten in BLOCK LETTERS in pen. Given name(s) Date of Birth Day/Month/Year Country of Birth Country of citizenship Mailing address How to pay: The following methods of payment are accepted: * Cash in Vietnamese Dong directly to the University. * Vietnamese Dong to the ANZ Bank HCMC Branch Account No: 310179-9. Telephone Mobile Contact Number Email Section 2 RMIT Program Complete if you are . accepting an offer for an RMIT International University Vietnam Program cod program and sign the declaration below. Program acceptance information I accept the Program Name Please return to: Admissions Office  Offer OR  Conditional Offer Room 1.1.33 RMIT International University Vietnam - 702 Nguyen Van Linh Street, District 7 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Fax: (08) 37761399 Email: admission@rmit.edu.vn Program Code Commencement Date (Month/Year) 14 Oct 2013 th Section 3 Acceptance and declaration I have read, understood and accepted the RMIT University Vietnam’s policies for students. I understand and accept that: * I have read and understood the RMIT International University Vietnam Student Fees and Charges Guide. * RMIT University Vietnam reserves the right to alter the tuition fees and compulsory non-academic fees without notice. * I understand that this fee includes text books rental only. * I understand that I will be entitled to progress through the program upon successful completion of all Academic requirements and prerequisites for each semester and upon payment of all fees provided I am not in

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