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AP AMERICAN HISTORY SPRING EXAM I STUDY GUIDE Helen Hunt Jackson: Author of the 1881 book A Century of Dishonor. The book exposed the U.S. governments many broken promises to the Native Americans. For example, the government wanted Native Americans to assimilate, i.e. give up their beliefs and ways of life, that way to become part of the white culture Carlyle School: Pennsylvania school for Indians funded by the government; children were separated from their tribe and were taught English and white values/ customs. Motto of founder “Kill the Indian and save the man” Buffalo Soldiers: Nickname for African American soldiers who fought in the wars in the plains against the Native Americans in the 1870s 1866 Milligan case: A United States Supreme Court case that ruled that the application of military tribunals to citizens when civilian courts are still operating is unconstitutional 1862 Homestead Act: Act that allowed a settler to acquire as much as 160 acres of land by living on it for 5 years, improving it, and paying a nominal fee of about $30 –instead of public land being sold primarily for revenue, it was being given away to encourage a rapid filling of empty spaces and provide a stimulus to the family farm, turned out to be a cruel hoax because the land given to the settlers usually had terrible soil and the weather included no precipitation, many farms were repo’d or failed until “dry farming” took root on the plains, then wheat, then massive irrigation projects Carpetbaggers: Two Views: “Lost Cause” view believed the carpetbaggers were “damn Yankees” who had killed the gallant sons of the South, who had died nobly defending their families and lands from invaders, and then had foolishly freed the slaves and were exploiting them to dominate the whole region in a dastardly plot to humiliate and weaken whites. Modern view of these Northerners who remained

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