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Termorary Workers vs. Full Time Workers Essay

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Julie L Sirry

Instructor: Vilma Vallillee


This paper examines the Pros and cons of hiring temporary workers in how it relates to company growth within the market and the working environment. For instance staffing issues that requires training and resources to make the transitions seamless can both be a money saver our can cut into profits gained, it all depends on how well it is organized.  

Exclusive Summary
As with any company there is an uncertainty when it comes to hiring full time workers due to the economy and demands for services and goods. As of June 2012, the trend of using temporary workers has been on the rise. The private-sector job growth has gone from one-third gained, compared to one-fifth in 2011 gained (Frolik, 2012). Studies have shown that when hiring temp agencies firms give two types of answers, (1) organizational flexibility ;(2) screening selection.   The microeconomic law states all other factors being of equal, with the price of a good or service increasing, while the consumer’s demand for that good or service will decrease. Furthermore management has a need to know what the maximum price should be to render a service or good. Furthermore, the quantitative forecast serves as a predictor, to make some of the practical predictions on certain circumstances that are economic suitable, such as price, and quantity.   (Figure 1) (Unknown, 2003)
The law of demand assumes the price is already set to its maximum price, with the effected price changes have on the behavior of the consumer. Since quantity demand does not always limited the consumer will purchase, therefore that shows when prices increase, the quantity demand will decrease on the assumption that nothing else has changed. Due to some of the non-price trait determinants, that some services or goods do not change the quantity demanded and the price will have an opposite or negative outcome. As...

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