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TERMINOLOGY 1 Stereotype Definition: Stereotype is defined by a lot of situation. And it has a lot of categories. There are culture stereotypes, gender stereotypes, fashion stereotypes, and the most popular stereotype that normally happened is racial stereotypes. Stereotype is an action of assuming people based on their appearance, attitudes, or race. A line that can describe stereotype people is “Judging a book by its cover.” Example: In United States of America, the most common stereotypes happened are when it is involving African-American or black man in that country. Whenever there is a black man entering a general store, they assumed that he is armed and going to rob the store. And there are a lot of movies involving African-American people doing the crimes. Indirectly giving bad perceptions about a black man in the US and created racial tensions. TERMINOLOGY 2 Social Loafing Definition: social loafer is a person who has done nothing but takes the credit for the works done by his /her colleague or group mate. In simple definition is freeloader. Example: Ali does not contribute any effort doing his group assignment. Yet, he takes the creditor the mark given by the lecturer. This shows that he is a social loafer and that is a negative attitude to have in a group. TERMINOLOGY 3 Brainstorming Definition: Brainstorming is a group or individual discussions to generate as many ideas as they can spontaneously without doing any criticizing towards the ideas. Example: A group is doing an assignment that required creativity and perfect ideas to solve to situation or assignment. They need to do brainstorming session to generate a lot of ideas. When they are done with the brainstorming session, evaluation process will be done and the best idea will be choose. TERMINOLOGY 4 Burnout Definition: A state of physical
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