Terminator 3: Rise of the machines

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is the third movie in the Terminator series. Time travel and the machine (computer/cyborg/robot) versus humanity are the main science fiction concepts that form the basis for these stories. The focus of these movies is always on the survival of John Conner, who will in the future lead humanity in a successful revolt against the machines that have taken over the world. In each of the movies, a Terminator (virtually unstoppable cyborg assassin) is sent back in time by the machines to kill humanity’s hope by going after John Conner. However, Terminator 3 had many high points and strengths to the movie. I thought the return of Arnold Schwarnzenegger as the Terminator (T-101) and the introduction of Kristina Loken as the new female Terminator was great. I really enjoyed seeing Schwarzenegger back as the Terminator. It’s the role that made him the big box office draw back in the 1990’s. Arnold is not as big in muscle or young as he was in prior movies, but I thought he was in great shape and still looked cool in black leather with dark sunglasses. Despite being in his late 50’s, I was impressed with his acting and ability to still play a mean looking Terminator. Another strength to the movie is the debut Kristina Loken as the new female Terminator (T-X). As the first female Terminator, she fit the role quite well. I like how she’s indestructible when it comes to eliminating all those in her path. Even though she does not talk much in the movie, yet her impact in the film is very strong. Another good part of the movie is the action and special effects. With the advancement of CGI or Computer Generated Imagery technology, action sequences are shot nicely especially during the big car chases between John Conner and the two Terminators. Computer Generated Imagery is used for visual effects because Computer Generated Effects are more

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