Terminator 2 Essasy Essay

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The car scene shows a busy motorway with dark coloured looking cars. This is the equilibrium. The cars almost look black and perhaps may not be black, but because of the lighting, they look black. The business emphasises how many people they are and also the saturated colour emphasises the music. All of this creates a dull atmosphere. The scene of a girl swinging on the swing shows happiness and gives an impression of innocence. She’s wearing a red top which may connote danger. The music is still low which gives a sense of threat. The cinematography shows the slow motion of the girl getting higher on her swing which then fades to black and white, and then exists with a bright white light which emphasises the explosion. The blinding white light connotes innocence and pure. The setting has gone from busy to nothing which gives an unsettled feeling. The skull scene is an after shot of the motorway once the war has ended. The camera pans over the cars which show the disruption of the war. The iconography of a skull may be ‘the human death’. Everything is black which gives the impression of everything is now death. The music is gone and diegetic sound remains. The shot of the motorway after the war shows what is left of the disruption; reality. The transition dissolves to give the audience a gentle feeling and adds ellipsis. The last time we saw the playground it was happy and bright. The voice over in this scene helps the audience understand what is happening. Her voice is very low and drained which adds to the effect of the disruption. The camera goes from a wide shot to a close up of the skull. When the robot stamps on the skull, the skull crushes so easily which shows the humans weakness. The camera then pans up to the robot and immediately shows the genre of the film due to the lasers and robots. The Robots look strong and dangerous and also look empty. This

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