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THE IMPORTANCE OF ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY IN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING The field of Industrial Engineering is an extensive field of study since it consists of many diverse scientific disciplines with interfaces to various fields of study from the sciences, engineering and management. It encompass, for example, mathematical models and computer programmes, manufacturing and production problems and financial and management systems or marketing or negotiation with a labour union. If one characteristic of Industrial Engineering has to be isolated then it may be the capability of the Industrial Engineer to integrate the contributions of all the other engineering disciplines into a final, functional and marketable product, at the lowest possible cost, by using system knowledge and understanding. This "product" may be a factory, or a part of a factory, or a logistic supply chain, or a computer programme, or a quality management system, or even a procedure or a plan of action. In general, Industrial Engineers are responsible for the Analysis, Design, Planning, Implementation, Operation, Management and Maintenance of Integrated Systems consisting of People, Money, Material, Equipment, Information and Energy. Anatomy and physiology are two of the several sciences necessary for a complete understanding of the human body and how it functions. How each relates to and affects the other contributes to a complete understanding of how the human body works. Anatomy is the study of the structure of something, in this case a human. Human anatomy deals with the way the parts of humans, from molecules to bones, interact to form a functional whole. The study of anatomy is distinct from the study of physiology, although the two are often paired. While anatomy deals with the structure of an organism, physiology deals with the way the parts function together. On the other hand

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