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Illegal Immigration Research Paper What laws have been passed regarding this issue(Illegal Immigration) ? There have been many laws passed regarding this issue. The First one that i will talk about is Illegal immigrant responsibility act. This act was passed around the 1990s. This act meant that all immigrants were excluded from Social Security, Medicine, And Health care benefits. This also meant that they were on very thin ice with the city. This meaning that they could get in trouble very easily with the police. I am assuming that this law was passed due to the fact of to many people immigrating for certain rights, which I will explain later on in the Research Paper. Another law that has been passed due to the issue of Illegal Immigration is called the Dream Act. Which in my opinion this benefits the Illegal Immigrants. The Dream act is when an illegal immigrant comes the the U.S for example. And if he/she makes it ac cross the boarder and successfully lives properly in the U.S for 5 years, then he/she will have temporary legal residence with the completion of high school, but they must have graduated for the Dream Act to take place.…show more content…
It was called the “United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790”. This law limited to the naturalization of immigrants of free white people with good moral character. Good Moral Character most likely meaning good personality, probably what the authorities liked or disliked about the person. Every race besides whites had a disadvantage in everyday life, but the most hated and discriminated races was the Asians, and Blacks. One of the most recent immigration laws was passed in Arizona in April of 2010. The aim for this law is basically to make illeagl immigrants lives even more miserable then before, that is, in my own opinion.

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