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LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY Term paper MEC (205) Topic :- special machining processes DOA :- DOS :- 15/04/2010 Submitted to : Submitted by: Mr. Rama Murthi Mohit Chaudhary Roll No. – RE4911 A13 Section – E4911 Regd. No- 10905351 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT “If practical knowledge carves and sharps the carrier of a person, practical experience polishes it and adds luster and brilliance to it”. Here, we found this golden chance to acknowledge all those people who had blessed, encouraged and supported us technically and morally through all the phases of our term paper. I take this opportunity to express our profound sense of gratitude. I thank all mighty God for giving us this valuable opportunity to express to all those who helped in successful completion of this term paper. I reserve heartiest gratitude to Mr. Gurpreet Singh( HOD ) who has been very supportive and encouraging throughout this term paper. He guides us for having given us an opportunity to undertake the term paper and providing us with feedback and influenced the development of this term paper. I gratefully acknowledge invaluable note of my term paper guide Mr. Rama Murthi and to all teachers who besides helping me in the term paper, guided and encouraged me along each step. I express heartfelt thanks to our friends for their morale and support and kind corporation during this course of formulation of this project work. Last but not least, my sincere regards are reserved for our family and friends who have always encouraged and blessed me with their best.

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