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The term sociolinguistics is use in relationship between language and society. The language used by the participants is always influenced by a number of social factors which define the relationship between the participants. However, not everyone speaks in the same way in every situation. Social factors may affect our language. There are some social factors are describing all kind of interaction. Social distance: The social distance concerned with participant relationships. It is important that, how well we know each other and what is the distance between us or the participants. For example- When I meet my friend, I asking him- ‘Hey, what’s up?’ But, if I meet my classmate, (not my friend) then I ask him – ‘Hi, how are you?’ There is a difference in the way we speak to our friends and the way we speak, who is not friend. This is called choosing of variety or code, and social distance. Social status: The social status is that, we aware of the fact that people who live in the same region, but who differ in terms of education and economics status often speak in quite different ways. For example: There are two security guards protect in our house. They are always taking to each other in local language. But when they talk with us or flat owner, suddenly they change their local language. They speak in different code depending on where they speaking. This is called changing code for social status. Social setting: The setting is also important in selecting an appropriate for code or language. The setting make a formal or informal language, that depend on where we speak. For example: I always speak in informal way when I talking to my friends. But I change my code or language when I talking to my teacher. That time I talking to a formal way. For a clear example- One day my friend wearing a sari, this time I told her- "Hey, cool sari, I like

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