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Why people love DOTA than Sports? A Research Paper by Sarah Bautista and Kate Nadine Jacobo In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the subject English 3 (Advanced Grammar and Composition) Second Semester, A.Y. 2014-2015 Mrs. Ma. Cristina P. Corpuz TABLE OF CONTENTS Outline 1 Introduction 2-3 Review of Related Literature Methodology Results and Findings Conclusion Summary Recommendation Bautista, Jacobo 1 OUTLINE “Why people love DOTA than Sports?” I. Beginning of DOTA A. Creator of DOTA B. Kinds of Characters in DOTA 1. Greek gods and goddesses 2. Wild animals and mild animals II. Players of DOTA III. Benefits of DOTA A. Good benefits of DOTA 1. Psychological Benefit 2. Social Benefit B. Bad benefits of DOTA 1. Physical Benefit 2. Social Benefit IV. Reasons why people love DOTA A. For past-time B. For profit C. More friends Bautista, Jacobo 2 INTRODUCTION Defense of the Ancients or DOTA is a multiplayer online game in the internet. One of the objectives of the game is to destroy the opponent’s Ancient. They use heroes with heroes who assist. They use golds to purchase or buy equipment for the battle. The researchers choose this topic because of three reasons. First, the researchers want to understand why DOTA is addictive. Secondly, the researchers want to know clearly what DOTA contributes to people, especially to students. And lastly, DOTA is a trend that students love to talk about. The researchers hope that this research paper contributes information, senseful information to the readers through maximizing their minds about DOTA. The researchers also want to contribute that our paper could help the beneficiaries’ limitation on online games. The people who will benefit our research paper are those who love computer

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