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Term Examination Paper for Psycholinguistics I. Define the following terms in English or in Chinese. (30%) 1. 3. 5. 7. 9. logography syllabary associative priming proposition garden path sentences 2. 4. 6. 8. eye movement in reading Neighborhood effect semantic richfulness effect Theta role 10. Minimal attachment strategy 12. cataphoric reference 14. coherence 16. causal network 18. rationalism 20. Second language acquisition 11. Late closure strategy 13. inference 15. story grammar 17. planning and production cycle 19. empiricism II. Answer the following questions briefly. (20%) 1. What are the major categories of speech errors? 2. What are the four stages of language production? 3. What are the levels of memory for discourse? 4. What are the major categories of bilingualism? III. Choose one of the following three tasks (50%) Task 1: Read the following and write a passage of no less than 400 words talking about your understanding and comment about it. Language acquisition is one of the most fascinating facets of human development. Children acquire knowledge of the language or languages around them in a relatively brief time, and with little apparent effort. This could not be possible without two crucial ingredients: a biologically based predisposition to acquire language, and experience with language in the environment. All children pass through similar stages of linguistic development as they go from infancy through middle childhood. Task 2: What are the major points of Krashen’s theory of second language acquisition? How do you think can it be applied to language learning? Write a short essay of no less than 400 words answering the above questions. Task 3: What do you know about the Critical Period Hypothesis? To what extent to you think it is reasonable and why do you think so? Write a short essay of no less than 400 words answering the above

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