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DEVELOPMENT IN ACTION ASSIGNMENT Assignment Purpose & Objectives: This assignment is designed to provide opportunities for you to reflect on what you have learned through class sessions, the course text, and your experiences as a parent via either the MyVirtualChild simulation. Upon completing this assignment you should be able to: (a) Analyze and synthesize at least 2 theoretical perspectives or concepts on development (b) Make explicit connections between theory-to-practice regarding concepts in development (c) Practice ways to apply developmental theories/concepts to the world of parenting/raising children ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION In a 4-5 page single-spaced document, succinctly and clearly reflect on your experiences parenting your “virtual child.” Be sure to make references to course concepts whenever appropriate. Section I – What Went Right/Wrong? (approximately 1-2 pages) Reflect on your child’s experiences growing up. Describe in detail one thing that you believe positively influenced AND one thing that negatively influenced your child’s development as they were growing up. In your role as a parent and/or an informed professional in the field of child & adolescent development, be sure to use appropriate terminology & concepts of development in your description about these experiences (and the impact of these experiences) on your child’s learning & development. A strong paper will incorporate theoretical perspectives and concepts which are directly applicable to the specific experience. In addition, a strong paper will illustrate that the author has a strong command/understanding of specific relevant concepts of child & adolescent development. Section II – What would you do differently? (approximately 2 pages) Reflect on the choices you made as a parent? Which decisions were most challenging for you? What stage(s)

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