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[pic] [pic] Introduction • Origin of the Report • Objectives of the Report • Methodology • Limitations Introduction: The development of financial market has been deceiving heightened attention from the policy makers in recent years. One explanation lies in the fundamental shift of development strategy reflected in the nearly universal embrace of the private sector as an engine of economic growth, the governments in both developed and developing countries, the international financial institutions which exert tremendous influence on the intelligentsia have all joined together as ardent advocates of private entrepreneurship. IDLC finance Ltd a leading financial institution of the country achieved significant growth in all areas of business up to 3rd quarter of the year 2011. IDLC began its operation in 1985 as the first leasing company in Bangladesh in 1995. IDLC was licensed as a financial institution by the country’s central bank and during the last two decades the company has grown in tandem with the countries growing economy. The company also strengthened its presence in the country’s growing stock market with launching a subsidiary – IDLC securities limited which is offering full fledged brokerage service for retail and institutional clients. 1.1 Origin of the Research paper Since the practical orientation is an integral part of the BBA degree requirement, I was deputed by National University to IDLC financial limited to take real life exposure of the activities of the organization as a financial institution. During my research at IDLC financial limited I have come across with different functions of the company. From them I have decided to work in the field of ratio analysis of IDLC financial limited. This

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