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Group | Mark | Comments: Pre-1968 | Comments: Post-1968 | Women | Pre-1968:_____D_____Post-1968: _____B+_____ | * Women only had a few rights. * They were excluded from universities and professional schools. * If they did work, they would do it beside their husbands in a farm or factory. * Most women stayed at home and took care of their children and husbands. * Not many jobs were offered to women outside of nursing and teaching. | * Women were slowly given all the rights men had. * They were finally considered “persons under the law”. * They were given the right to get a higher level education. * They were allowed to pursue careers in science, law, and politics. * Agnes Macphail became the 1st woman elected into the House of Commons. * Although they have the same rights as men, women are still to this day seen as unequal by some and this is proved by studies that show that men are paid more than women working in the same field. | Gays and Lesbians | Pre-1968:_____R______Post-1968: _____ B______ | * Homosexuality was considered a crime. * Punishments included fines, prison sentence, even death. * In Britain, convicted men could receive the death penalty. * In 1861, the law changed and convicts received prison sentences of 10 years to life. * Homosexuality was a crime in Canada until 1967, and was dealt with Criminal Code. | * Pierre Trudeau decriminalized homosexuality and said, “State has no business in the private life of adults”. * Gay bars were still raided in the 50s and 60s. * Riots followed, involving about 400 people, 4 policemen were injured, 13 rioters were arrested. * This was the 1st time gay people fought and resisted arrest. * In 1996, the government added sexual orientation to the Canadian Human Rights Act. * The Canadian Human Rights tribunal ordered the government to extend employment benefits such

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