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TERM PAPER (INTRODUCTION TO NULEAR PHYSICS) Submission Date Section A 05-5-2009 at 09:30 hrs Conditions 1. One group shall have 4-5 members. 2. Each member shall write on different aspects of the given topic. There should be no duplication. Duplication shall be treated as “Cheating” 3. Each member of the group shall write 4-5 pages (1 inch margin on both sides, double spacing with font size 12). It means one group shall write about 20-25 pages. It shall be worth 5 absolute marks. 4. You are allowed to copy from book, report, research paper or from internet. It is necessary to give references at the end of term paper. 5. All four or five papers should be properly typed, stapled and ring bounded into one group paper. 6. One member from each group shall be asked to do in-class 10 minute presentation on the given topic on 7th and 9th May, 2008. You should give me the name of the presenter at least 3 days before presentation by internal mail. The presentation should be in English and preferably on Power Point. The presentation shall also worth 5 absolute marks. 7. Each member of the group shall be asked two questions from his paper. These marks are included in the presentation marks. 8. Late submission is not allowed in any circumstances.. Topics Roll Nos. i) Charge to mass ratio 05-0265, 05-0283, 05-0423, 06-0127 ii) Dual nature of electron 06-0056, 06-0058, 06-0069, 06-0073, 06-0274 iii) Compton Effect 05-0269, 05-0271, 05-0303 iv) E=mc2 06-0070, 06-0071, 06-0085, 06-0140, 06-0431 v) Radioactivity 05-0267, 05-0291, 05-0297, 05-0298, 05-0307 vi) Radiocarbon dating technique 06-0138, 06-0142, 07-0394, 08-0428 vii) Reaction cross sections 05-0266, 05-0268, 05-0274, 05-0299, 05-0419

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