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---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Luvnica Rastogi Date: Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 2:49 PM Subject: Guidelines for The Term-Paper To: sunaina.kothari@gmail.com, kumardeepanshu4@gmail.com Dear Sunaina and Deepanshu, Sending you the guidelines for the term paper , please send it across to the other students of your class so that everybody is informed. Students are required to make a group maximum of four members in each group for the term paper. The names of the members in each group should be decided by 23rd August 3:30pm and its your responsibility to handover the formal list of the groups to me. TERM PAPER SEMESTER ONE Course Code: MIB 130 Credit Units: 04 Objectives The aim of the term paper is to provide the students with an opportunity to further enhance their knowledge in a sector of their choice by undertaking asignificant practical unit of examining and analyzing various aspects of business management at a level commensurate with the learning outcomes of the various courses taken up y them in the ongoing semester. For students of the first semester, the required term paper is primarily a self worded structured report written by the students after interpreting & analyzing various primary & secondary records of intelligent interviews/readings from several sources on a particular sector. Conduct of Term Paper • The term paper will be executed & submitted by students in groups. (Maximum four students in each group) • The students are to form groups of four and decide the sector of study / company of interest. • A Faculty Mentor will be assigned to each group of students undertaking a Team Paper. • The Mentor will conduct weekly sessions to guide & follow up the students as well as to clarify any queries or problem faced by

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