Term Limits Essay

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A majority of the American people are in favor of term limits. Supporters argue that if there isn’t a term limit for federal elected official then they will become too powerful, and gain the ability and the temptation to pursue their own interests instead of those they represent. This belief stems from the actions of King George III who was in power before the American Revolution. As King, he was in power for life and had no limits. Since he held so much power in government, he refused to compromise with his people and tried to use his authority to support his own interests creating complete tyranny. Term limits would help to ensure that people are properly represented and no one person can gain too much power. Very few American’s are in favor of no term limits. Many people who disagree with limited terms believe that they will reduce the range of voter’s choice. Limited terms would prevent voters from choosing the candidate they wish to represent them and leave them with no real choice. For this reason, simply reforming congressional procedure would be a more appropriate action. Simply reforming congressional procedure could help to avoid entrenched power and improve congressional performance. I favor term limits because I believe that they will prevent career politicians from abusing power in their own interests. I think that limiting an individual’s time in office will return legislative power to the citizens where it belongs. This would strengthen the competence of congress by eliminating seniority and allowing a broader representation of the

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