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Terms Comparison Paper Berta Denmark HCS/552 April 06, 2015 Nancy Jennings Terms Comparison Paper This assignment will introduce the reader to very familiar jargon that are used in daily conversations. Especially in the health care industry, terms such as economics, value, product, have a significant impact in a way that can promote or even hinder a projected outcome. The comparison of terminology will broaden the novice’s understanding and allows to apply them with the appropriate understanding. Economics Getzer T. E. (2007), states without buyers and sellers there would be no economy. Well said; thus money makes the world go round and so is health care. We all need it, and we can’t do without it. Getzer elaborates stating that economics as the theory of choice whereas health theory is driven by the choices individuals make. Not only is it consumer driven, but also by health care providers. Health care facilities and providers must follow specific rules and guidelines that are regulated by the government’s representatives, selectively by the community, stakeholders, and professional associations (Getzer, 2007.). But Scott, R., Solomon, S., and McGowan, E. (2011), provides the explanation that health care economics is concerned not only with the monetary aspects of the structure, but also how those financial domains that influence patient care. A person’s conduct endorses personal gains and interests, and it is endless in personal gains as well as when obtaining health care. Although in contrast to health care economics, basic economics insinuates Maslow’s hierarchy of human basic needs that drives the want and need for personal gains. Value Values are often associated with personal mores and values, and in such, often a widely shared belief system within cultures. Patients are nurtured to seek top quality health care for the value of a payment,

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