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INTREGRATING MARKETING COMMUNICATION TERM PAPER -Take any product/ brand/ad agency. -Analyze what advertising strategies the ad agency uses to promote the product/ brand. Contents: Intro about the product/ brand. Advertising strategies used. Results of using these strategies. Media plan implementation. Etc. Something similar to these contents and any other content. OR in short Search any term paper on IMC with respect to any ad agency and any product for which this ad agency has done promotion/ad campaigns. ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT TERM PAPER Search any good, realistic business plan. Some business plan which I can undertake in my near future. Not the ones like steel plant or big manufacturing units etc. STRATEGIC BRAND MANAGEMENT (SBM) TERM PAPER Any company/brand and something related to brand management. Some of the topics I am giving you if you find it mail or any other topic you find is also acceptable. -Brand extension applicable in sbm. -Luer of global branding. -Volvo:a product dominating brand. -Targeting –urban consumers: New Ertiga - :New Njoy - :New SX4 -Toyota Innova- a mature global model -GE- a global brand -Brand Report card -When mascots become icon: Roll as brand ambassador. (eg. McDonallds) -Samsonite :a global brand -Nescafe: A global brand unsurpassed -Broke bond lipton: mega brand mergers -Brand imitation -Initial failure of successful international brands in india.(eg. Mcdonallds) -An insight into building brand personality. -Innovation in repositioning strategies -brand image building: Role of perception Don’t go by the topic. If you find anything similar to these which is related to brand management then is also

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