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“Rulers of Terabithia,” by Katherine Peterson, is a fantasy piece. Two friends are the protagonists. Jess can't meet the standard that his father thinks a boy should be. He is unathletic and disinterested in school. Leslie is a tom boy. She comes from a well-off family who embrace their values. She makes friends with Jess. The theme here is friendship and its ability to make two people stronger. It is this connection that allows them to create the world of Terabithia, a magic place in the woods where no one can find them or make them conform. Their connection allows them to find themselves by finally being a part of something else, but they don’t have to lose who they are to get there. The theme here is the single most important element to make this believable. Without a true friendship, one that is cyclical and is almost always two ways, the creation of Terabithia would fail; the idea of their stronger senses of who they are and should be would fail. Another element which helps this work is the idea of expected roles. While Jess and Leslie do not fit in to where their community or families say they should, the two of them fit each other in a way that creates a new role: friendship. ‘"We need a place,’ she said, ‘just for us. It would be so secret that we would never tell anyone in the whole world about it. . . . It might be a whole secret country,’ she continued, ‘and you and I would be the rulers of it”’ (Paterson 751).This is Leslie’s claim that they have no place in the world they live, so they need to create one for themselves. This is the birth of Terabithia, where Jess and Leslie make the rules instead of being told them. This is a sentiment Saltman agrees with, saying, “Childhood is a sharply limited time, resonant with the future life of the adolescent and the adult. Children easily see themselves in other guises, imagining themselves taking action,

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