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Captital: Nashville States surrounding: Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas Population: 6,296,254 Prominent people: "King of Pop" Elvis Presley from Memphis, & Actor Megan Fox from Rockwood Climate: Warm summers & mild winters Difference from Whiting: 1: Its a state 2: Its more suburban 3: Its surrounded by other states Similarities to Whiting: 1: Its laidback 2: Majority would be caucasian 3: From Nashville to Indianapolis: almost 300 miles Directions: Straight through Kentucky Sports team: Grizzlies FActs:Tennessee's nickname "The Volunteer State" was given to the state for becoming involved in the battle of New Orleans during the war of 1812 The first ever combination candy bar was invented in Nashville I would like to live in this state because: its laidback & much more calm & clean i would not like to live here because: i dont have family out here & ive been around the city for so long statehood: onJune 1st 1796, it was the 16th state How USA got Tennessee: The Treaty of Paris which ended the War for Independence in 1783 gave the United States possession of all land from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi River Historic facts: 1: Between 1838 and 1839, as many as 17,000 Cherokees (native Americans), were forced to march to an Indian Territory, west of Arkansas. This march is known as the "Trail of Tears" because of the fact that around 4,000 Cherokees died in this march. A couple of decades later, Tennessee was to become a battleground of various civil wars. 2: In 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was slain in the Lorraine motel. 3: the Volunteer State, a name which goes back (depending on which reference you use) either to 1812, when the volunteer soldiers showed particular courage in the Battle of New Orleans, state seal: The Roman numerals XVI, representing Tennessee as the 16th state to enter the

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