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“Communication Skills” In the fast paced and high pressured corporate world, effective and efficient communication is critical to the success of any organization. Effective communication keeps groups of people informed and up to date on business priorities, deadlines, competitive pressure, and upcoming work requirements. Thus is not surprising to find that at the root of a large number of organizational problems is the lack of communication. A solid communication strategy helps organizations effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders, including employees, vendors, customers, and the public at large. However, the importance of effective communication foe employees and manager cannot be overemphasized. For example, co-workers may communicate amongst themselves. Effective ways to do so obviously depends on the environment. If it is a factory, verbal communication would be ineffective so employees can communicate nonverbally with gestures, or hand signals. Thus one must understand that communication skills. Are not only important to develop an impression on the other person and get a bad idea about themselves in society. Along with positive aspects of communication, there are quite a few negatives as well. It requires one’s own judgment to deem certain types of communication as negative. Such harmful disclosure may include a situation in which a worker openly complaints about the job. Another situation could be an employee that bluntly gives a negative criticism rather than a constructive feedback. Workers must be sure to always use clear judgment when deciding which type of communication is negative and which is positive. A lapse in judgment could be detrimental to one’s life. In order to avoid the negative outcomes of poor communications, problems, issues and complaints should be discussed with higher authority in the workplace. By debating

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