Ten Stress Relief Gadgets Essay

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10 stress-relieving gadgets everyone needs Summary: We all experience a fair share of stress in our lives, so why not arm yourself with a gadget or 10 to help reduce it when you do have to deal with it? These should help to get you started. By Stephen Chapman | November 28, 2011 -- 21:40 GMT (05:40 SGT) The Hypnocube Animated LED Cube is a great gadget to kick off this gallery. It's a fairly sizable cube with LED lights arranged neatly inside that turn on/off in varying patterns and in varying colors. This thing is great for taking a few minutes to zone out and watch! It's a bit steep at $99, but totally worth it once you have one in-hand. The giant stress ball is a must-have for all you hands-on stressed-out types. Though it's simply your standard foam stress ball, it has been made in that of giant proportions, which makes it great for squeezing/pounding out that stress! Looking for something to drown out the stress-inducing sounds of a noisy office or home? Check out the SOUND+SLEEP system by ASTI! As the name suggests, this device can be used as a sleep aid, but its soundscapes can also be used in a relaxing, stress-relieving context. The Aduki ni Light by Mathmos is one of the most relaxing light gadgets I've ever seen. When turned off, it looks like a hand-sized teardrop of mercury or hematite (which is cool enough as-is). When turned on, however, it either shines a color of your choosing or cycles through the entire color spectrum. Definitely recommended if you're seeking visual relaxation methods! Bucky Balls and Bucky Cubes are both great standbys to have sitting around your desk within reach. They're tiny magnetic balls/cubes that allow you to form really awesome shapes. Needless to say, they keep you focused on something completely unrelated to stress the whole time you're fidgeting with them. I especially recommend these for those of you who have to

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