Ten Mary Street Analysis

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Cultural heritage can enhance a sense of belonging. In Skryznecki’s poem, “Ten Mary Street” the persona experiences a strong attachment to his culture. This is conveyed through the utilization of the simile “the visitors smoked like a dozen puffing Billies.” This simile of the visitors’ excessive smoking conveys the warm cultural atmosphere experienced by the persona, hence illustrating his sense of belonging. Moreover, the persona accumulatively lists various polish traditions, “Kielbasa, salt herrings and rye bread,” to highlight the family’s strong cultural connection this ultimately serves to unite the family through their polish heritage, thus enhancing their sense of belonging. Additionally, in poem “Feliks Skryznecki,” through…show more content…
Connections to place can enhance belonging. This is depicted in Skryznecki’s poems “Feliks Skryznecki” and “10 Mary St”. In this poem, Skryznecki conveys that although a persona is disconnected from the wider community, a deeper understanding and acceptance of one’s self can arise by belonging to their own unique place. In “Feliks Sryznecki” this is depicted through Felik’s connection to his garden. Through the use of the simile “loved his garden like an only child” Skryznecki stresses the personas deep attachment to his garden, as he was very attentive to it, embracing it in affection, as a parent would to their child. Hence, reinforcing that one’s connection to a place can enhance their sense of belonging. Furthermore, the hyperbole “he swept its path ten times around the world” displays the length of his admiration of his garden. It also conveys that personas father has endured many labours to confirm his place in the world. Hence, and individuals connection to a place enhances a sense of belonging. Moreover through the sibilance in the imagery of the description of the personas father “smoking; Watching stars and street lights come on” suggests that Feliks experiences in his garden

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