Temptation Rules the Earth Essay

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We humans are always tempted in doing things we are not supposed to do. As the world is full of sin, so are we humans are always tempted. We are tempted in stealing, lie, adultery, and other sinful act. There are lot of times that I was tempted in doing things I shouldn't have done. My conscious always speaks to me before I do something bad. Once I heard the voice “Think of what you are doing" I stopped. Every minute of a human’s life we are always tempted. The most temptation is envy. Envies is everywhere in the world today. People envy others in many ways and tend to kill one another. Envies is not good. Why wouldn't you be content with what you have and be thankful for it. People also are tempted in doing inappropriate things. People are tempted in having sex. For example, teenagers having sex. Sex should be between married people but then teens having sex that ridiculous. Teens are way more tempted than any other living organism in the world. Mostly guys, whatever we see with our eyes, it attracts us. Guys are more tempted in having sex or doing negative things and hurting people in the wrong way. Temptation is everywhere and we as humans have to do what right. We are not perfect as we want to be, but try to do well. Nobody should tell you what is right from what is wrong. Think twice before you will do something
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