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<<Running head should exactly match the title, but be less than 50 total characters. You can shorten it but shorten it from the end, not the beginning words. NOTE: This comment should not appear on your paper’s title page. Anytime you see a comment inside double arrows, it is for information only and should be deleted. >> Title of Paper, Full Title is Placed Here Name of the Writer Indiana Wesleyan University <<Your instructor may ask for additional information; keep double spacing. If not, delete. Remove this message before submitting your paper.>> <<Insert IWU plagiarism statement as required by your program. Check with other program information as instructions vary between schools. If not required, delete this field.>> Abstract An abstracts is not required in an APA research paper but your instructor may want it included. Consult with your instructor on including an abstract. If an abstract is included, it is done in block paragraph format (just like this paragraph). Your abstract should be approximately 150-250 words in length. An abstract should cover the purpose and content of the paper. It should not include any information that is not included in the body of the paper. It should be conveyed in a reporting manner, not an opinion or evaluating manner. It should be clearly and concisely stated. Try to include keywords that are used in the body of the paper. Title of Paper, Full Title is Placed Here: Capitalize Significant Words Begin typing the body of the paper here. Indent one tab stop for each paragraph. Place two spaces after punctuation marks at the end of a sentence. Your paragraphs should include at least 2 sentences, however, more is better. Be sure to use consistent verb tenses in your writing. Past tense (McKee demonstrated) or present perfect (Young and Blue have shown in their

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