Temecula Rock Quarry Case Study

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Local Issues: Riverside Supervisors vote against Temecula rock quarry I have a proposal, let’s halt the creation of new jobs, let’s increase semi-truck traffic on our already overcrowded and crazy highways in Southern California and lets increase city taxes that will help pay for outsourcing for a material that is very widely used for construction of better structures and improving a city’s growth. This is what will be the outcome due to the quarry opponents against the proposed rock quarry in the Temecula Valley. On Thursday, February 16th the Riverside County Board of Supervisors voted against the seven year debate over a proposed rock quarry that would bring at least 100 new jobs, lower city costs due to the importation of aggregate into the city. To be more specific in terms of money, the aggregate quarry would have brought in over $300 million in sales tax revenue and over $41 million in property tax fees. My reaction is simple and shows lots of disagreement with the people who opposed the rock quarry. I read and fully understand that some of the downfalls to the creation of the quarry would perhaps lessen the air quality within…show more content…
I personally order and purchase a lot of stuff from other states and sometimes from outside of the country. I cannot sit here and wave a torch and pitchfork preaching that we should keep our resources local when I also purchase my merchandises from all over the globe. Yes, I believe for something like this, such a huge resource that our area could greatly benefit from, that we should keep it local to reduce costs and other things I mentioned earlier. I guess we’ll just have to settle with paying more in taxes to outsource aggregate, deal with longer waits and more traffic on our highways, and look for jobs elsewhere. What a sad ending in for a seven year long debate that would I believe would have benefitted the area instead of destroying it that many
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