Televsion The Plug In Drug Essay

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Jane Dou Professor Jane English 50 24 February 2010 Reader Response 1: “Television the Plug in Drug.” When televisions were made affordable, it changed the way people live. In the excerpt “Television: The Plug-In Drug” from Marie Winn’s book The Plug-In Drug: Television, Children, and the Family (1977), Winn makes it very clear that she believes televisions have had a negative impact on family life in the U.S. I’ve never personally lived in a house without a television so I am unable to compare and contrast life with television and life without television, but I imagine that life without television would be nice. I most likely will never make the decision to live my life without television, but I think America, as a whole, would be a lot better off if televisions were never invented. Winn talks about how television impacts a family’s relationships with one another, and I agree with her that it affects the relationships in a negative way. My family is small; it is only my father, my boyfriend, and I. When my boyfriend and I return from school we immediately sit on the couch and start watching television with my dad and we never talk about important issues for example chores. Winn talks about how televisions take away families opportunities to discuss important concepts and I think my family models this. I have always wanted to be like the families on television who have a game night, eat dinner at the table, and just enjoy the company of the people around them, but ironically television is one of the main reasons this is not possible. Winn suggests that the only family ritual left is watching television with each other because television has a way of pulling you in and not letting you go. The only family ritual my family does that is not watching television is playing video games, which still involves a television set and does not require much

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