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Final report SUBJECT: TECHNICAL REPORT WRITING NAME: BEENISH & MEMOONA REPORT ABOUT: MOBILE COMMUNICATION, ITS PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE CLASS: BS (III) Introduction: The evolution of telecommunication technologies has been very fast. Great advances have already taken place in such areas as video and speech compression, digital transmission, data storage and network capacity. The evolution and expansion of corporate and public networks is giving rise to visions of access to a plethora of information on the so called “Information Superhighway”. Digital wireless technology today offers the transport media for these new services, including multi-media. The new information services present a challenge to mobile wireless phones. The phone is evolving into a end-user terminal which must be able to support the services and present them in a user friendly way. User friendliness means low-cost terminals, small enough to fit into a pocket, with usage time between battery charging exceeding the performance of todays phones. All these challenges drive the underlying technology. The major technical challenges in a mobile phone can be attributed to four key parameters: volume, weight, power consumption and component count. The performance of integrated circuit technology has a major effect on all four parameters. DISCUSSION: 1. Mobile wireless markets Mobile communications has been enormously successful during the 1990’s. Average growth rates exceed that of PC’s and the market volume of mobile terminals is expected to overtake PC’s within the next years. The success goes hand-in-hand with the introduction of digital services. 2. Evolution of services and applications The introduction of digital technology has enabled the introduction of new services

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