Television's Effect On American Family Life

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In the past century Television has quickly become a staple in the American household. Information, entertainment, education, and more can all be found in one place. The American families have adopted television as almost a sibling or child. American families have definitely been changed by the introduction of television. It has brought families together, as well as torn them apart. Parents have become very dependent on television to raise their children. Parents even use TV to be a babysitter to their kids. There is no time for family fun when everyone in the house is glues to their own TV set. Television has changed the American family life, and for the worse. In some respect the American family has benefited from some aspects of Television. TV has added a bit of community to the household. Families can sit down on a weekly or nightly schedule and enjoy family time with their favorite TV shows. Telecasted sports also provide a common ground of fun for the family. When it comes down to it families have changed, but it’s the bad cons that outweigh the pros. The American household usually has a television in every room; allowing for each family member to watch their own shows. This freedom can be the cause for a family to not spend as much time together. California State University Professor, Norman Herr states that “the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day” (Herr). With this there is very little time for family communication. American parents have reached the point where television is the educational tool, the babysitter and the most prized possession when lost. Unfortunately, majority of television has little to no educational value. Give a study done by University of Arizona Professor, Dale Kunkel "Only one of every eight E/I shows (13%) is rated as highly educational. Nearly one of every four (23%) were classified in the lowest

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