Television Medicine Is Misleading Essay

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Television medicine is misleading and unhelpful Tv and other forms of media continue to endorse medications that guarantee to relieve peoples pain. All the media and Tv are doing is giving people false hope, misleading people and are very unhelpful. If all these medications worked so well, wouldn’t your doctors or physicians be telling you about them? Most medicine on Tv is to sell and get money, their product is something that might not help or might cause many other side effects. They tell people about how wonderful they products are and how they work so great. Sometimes they use big words to make their products sound that much better, which can sometimes work considering consumers have no idea what those words mean. They tell us about some side effects through the Tv, but is that all the side effects that there really is, what about all the side effects that are said very fast. Those could be harmful things that could hurt the consumer in the long run. The Tv producers of these drugs make products that they know people will want to buy, they tell them of all these good this that it does and gets famous actresses to promote their products so people will buy it, but yet most of the time it still doesn’t work or it does cause problems to the person, which makes it misleading and very unhelpful. For example Latisse a eyelash thickening product got Brooke Shields to be their spokeswomen their ads and commercials. FDA the Food & Drug Administration when after Latisse’s marker, Allergan in September 2009. The FDA found there website that downplayed the drug’s serious risks which include cornea infections, hair growth outside of the treatment area, and permanent darkening of eye color. This shows how Tv Medicine is very misleading and unhelpful to people. Tv shows like House, Gray’s Anatomy and such are also another misleading and unhelpful way to show medicine

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