Television Is Bad for Children Essay

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"Television Is Bad For Children" First of all, television doesn’t benefit children because it can lead children to behave inappropriately. Many programs use explicit language that our children do not need to hear and be exposed too. As children grow up, they tend to repeat what they hear. Television shows deem dirty language as being acceptable by society. When kids hear curse words, they are more likely to use them since people on TV to use them. Also, kids like to mimic their favorite actor or actress by dressing and talking like them, as well as mirroring their attitude. The majority of actors and actresses are not a good influence to children today and kids shouldn’t feel like they need to be like them, but rather themselves. Violent TV shows contain gore and graphic content, which isn’t suitable for a younger audience. Children may try to imitate the same violent actions they see on TV, which can lead to injuring themselves or others. Keeping our children away from television will help guard our kids from bad language, wrong influences, and brutal content. Second, television isn’t beneficial for children since it diverts their attention from accomplishing other responsibilities and activities. Waiting to see what’s on the next episode of their favorite channel sometimes becomes more important than taking care of their responsibilities. For instance, it is nearly impossible to get homework accomplished while sitting in front of the TV. I have personally tried and each time I get sucked in and
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