Television Impact on Present Life Essay

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Television is considered as one of many great inventions that exists in our life. Television has made significant improvement of information flow throughout the world since it was first invented. Television may look convenient and make things easier, but not only good influence, it has bad influence as well. The good influence is television could spread information easily as it can give information from place far away to designated place, broadcasted to many people at the same time and the bad influence is it can attract people that it makes people lazy to do anything that cause less productivity. The flow of information, from one place to other place could be done easily with television. To get the information from television, people simply just have to switch it on, sit, and enjoy the show. For instance, people may not be able to go to certain tourism spot because it is way too far from their place. But with television, people now can enjoy the beauty of the place, as well as the information regarding to the place. Just how convenient it is. Since television could draw a lot of attention with its attractive program, it can make people lazy enough to just sit around and spend the whole day watching. Not only that, people lost interest on reading books, rarely go outside, and communicate less with the society. Television, at the same time and in many places, negatively influences the mentality and productivity of the society. Television, like a knife that has two edges, has positive and negative influences. On one hand, it gives us convenience to get new information. While on the other hand, it hinders us to be more productive, making us have to decide the time and filter the shows and programs to watch. With proper consideration, we can make television more valuable in our life and the television itself will make our life more

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