Television Has Destroyed Communication Among Friends and Family Essay

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Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Have you ever considered that television viewing isolates people from each other, damages communication among family members and sows discord between groups of people? I personally consider this fact as the harmful thing that television has brought upon us. We all know that television provides us with many benefits; it helps people relax, helps us keep up with the news, helps broaden our mind, but it has a big negative affect on relationships. First of all, since people watch too much television, they can be isolated from others. Children, for example, pay more attention to movies, music shows provided by television and do not want to do anything else, such as going to school or practicing exercise with friends. Gradually, their friends will eventually leave them behind. Secondly, with the rapid change of the standard of life, each family has three or four televisions in the house, divided into each room. Parents or even children do not want to communicate with each other instead they watch television in their own room. As a consequence, children will learn behaviour from what they see on television not from their parents, taking away ‘parent-child’ talks. In this way communication between family members is visibly destroyed. Thirdly, in my opinion we are not able to communicate while watching television even though we watch together, because we don’t have to talk. Moreover, we can spend time with no conversation at all. I think that it is kind of sad. We need to talk and communicate because we are humans. For example, I watched a movie with a friend one night, but we didn’t talk a lot, after the movie, she went straight home, we had not really communicated at all that night, not knowing what we could have talked about, maybe we could have gotten to know each other better. Lastly,

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