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I can remember watching television my whole life. I don't recall when i exactly started. I did not watch many shows like Barney or Seaseme Street I mostly had movies I'd watch over and over again. Lion King and Homeward Bound were my favorite movies and I would watch them all the time. I don't watch many of the shows I would watch before high school. I still love the movie Homeward Bound but not so much Lion King. My friend and I used to watch Sailor Moon after school everyday when we were younger and when we saw it on a year or two ago we watched it and it was not has exciting as it was when we were younger. I would say I have had a overall net gain from my experiences with television becuase I do watch a lot of Discovery Channel and the news. There are some programs on the Discovery Channel that make you think but not a whole lot. It is usually the programs about crimes and it makes you think about who could've commited the crime and how they did. Other channels like MTV and ABC Family do not have many programs that require a lot of thinking. I think television deffinitley enhance my creativity. Television exposes you to so many different ideas that you can create your own by a combination of those ideas. Those different ideas also make it hard for you to not look at the world in a certain way. When you watch programs like My Sweet 16 it makes you think all rich families spoil their kids and their kids are very rude. Most reality shows makes people look at a certain population of the world and place a stereotype on those people that fall into that population. In many of the old shows, I would notice how the scripts given to the actors would not portray the expressions that real people would. Some actors could express emotion much better than others and some would react how real people would. On shows like soap's, I do not find it surprising for the characters

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