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Television Corrupting Presidential Debates Essay

  • Submitted by: anakaren831
  • on May 19, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Television Corrupting Presidential Debates
Over the years television has been a great medium for entertaining audiences worldwide. Only entertainment though, has been good, not presidential debates. Nowadays these crucial and historical events are being broadcasted nationwide influencing people’s decisions. Although many people may believe that television is beneficial for presidential debates, I believe that television has had a negative influence on these fundamental discussions. These television broadcasts have not only influenced presidential debates, but have set new standards for them.
Initially, Presidents have been seen as an icon of respect and pride, however over the years these features given to a future leader have diminished by the way they are being seen on television. When presidents happen to be on television the people are expecting a poised man to show up and speak eloquently and coherent. So then when we have a person whom we look up to make a fool out of themselves, it is quite a shock and brings the presidency down with them. For instance, on April 20, 1992, President Bill Clinton was asked by the MTV generation to discuss his underwear, which turned out to be briefs, on a nationwide broadcast (Hart and Triece). Why would a man of such high standards burden himself this way? The answer is simple; in this modern world, things of such importance and immaturity seem to engage the public, which shows what drastic measures a president is willing to go to keep his people interested.
Even though President Clinton might have made a fool out of himself on national television, not all the blame should be put on his shoulders. In this present time many of the standards for people have changed, and this includes presidents. Thanks to television’s celebrity structure, presidents seem to be losing their distinctiveness as important executives and consequently are being judged by standards that are given to rock singers and movie stars. Additionally,...

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